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10 English Club Owners That Just Make the Club Miserable

leapyguide.com-Club owners are an essential element of a team's success. They will be the ones who provide funds to strengthen the team to look competitive. In addition, club owners also become parties that can regulate the financial rate of the team to stay healthy and not bankrupt. Some of them even had to sell his team because of the crisis.

Quoted from the Guardian, here are 10 English club owners who make the club miserable.

10. Francesco Becchetti, Leyton Orient (2014 - Now)

Since bringing Leyton Orient from Barry Hearn for four million pounds in 2014, he brought Leyton from the almost play in the Championship to almost relegated from the Football League. He also often sacked the club manager. To date, he has nine different managers from since buying the club.

Currently Leyton is on the verge of bankruptcy and Becchetti is given until 12 June to repay the club's debt or sell the club.

9. Sisu Capital,Conventry City(2007-Now)

In December 2007, Coventry City was rescued because it was bought by Sisu Capital so avoid the point deduction in the Championship Division. However, it actually makes them worse off. Currently they are almost relegated to League Two and do not have any more stadium counted 2017/18 season because the contract with Ricoh Arena will run out this season.

8. The Oyston Family, Blackpool (1988-Now)

The Oyston family acquired Blackpool in 1988 and is still a club owner to date. However, Blackpool never improved because they do not seem so eager to build a club. They had time to taste the Premier League in 2010/11 and immediately relegated back.

Lastly, the Blackpool fans protested by boycotting the League Two final game against Exeter City by not coming to Wembley

7. Douglas Craig, York City (1990 - 2012)

Douglas Craig started his era in York City pretty well. York City led into the third caste of the English League, and had time to get rid of Manchester United in the League Cup 1995/96 season.

But he had angered supporters by selling the York cage, Bootham Crescent in 1999 for 165,000 pounds to his company and forcing the club back to buy their own cages worth 4.5 million pounds or go bankrupt.

6. Ken Richardson, Doncaster Rovers (1992 - 1998)

Doncaster Rovers ran in 1992, Ken Richardson was jailed in 1999 as a result of wanting to burn Doncaster cage, Belle Vue. Doncaster even got slumped in the 1997/98 season for losing 34 games in 46 matches and had a goal difference of -93. They were also relegated to Conference National.

5. The Venky Family, Blackburn Rovers (2010 - Now)

Purchased Blackburn Rovers in 2010 with a value of 23 million pounds, the Venky Family intend to bring Blackburn back to the Premier League after continuing to struggle in the Championship Division. However, instead of making Blackburn relegated back to League One at the end of the 2016/17 season. Club debt has increased since it bought from 10 million pounds to now amounted to 104 million pounds, starting in May 2017.

4. Tom Hicks and George Gillett Jr, Liverpool (2007 - 2010)

The 2007-2010 period may be the period most wanted to be forgotten by Liverpool fans. Although they almost won the Premier League in 2008/09, their performance is somewhat inconsistent because it is not supported by the build desire of the club owners, namely Tom Hicks and George Gillett Jr.

They are heavily in debt because the club's purchasing system is not paid off so have interest up to 100 thousand pounds per day. It also makes them have to sell the club to Fenway Sports Group.

3. Alexandre Gaydamak, Ali al-Faraj, Balram Chainrai, and Vladimir Antonov, Portsmouth (2006 - 2013)

Portsmouth is one of the historic teams on British soil. They had won the FA Cup in 2008 when handled Harry Redknapp. However, Alexandre Gaydamak, Ali al-Faraj, Balram Chainrai, and Vladimir Antonov who became club owners began not seriously managing Portsmouth until they must be relegated in 2010.

In addition, the club also almost experienced liquidation in the year. Two years later, the club got sanctioned points reduction by 12 points, they were also chased by tax officials for not paying taxes up to 1.6 million pounds.

2. Ken Bates, Chelsea (1982 - 2003)

Ken Bates. In the period he led, 1982-2003, Ken Bates had Chelsea degraded in the 1987 season despite successfully returning to the Premier League.

He left a lot of debt into the Roman Abramovich era. In addition, he had a fight with the fans for installing an electric fence around Stamford Bridge to prevent the hooligans from entering the stadium.

1. Peter Ridsdale, Leeds United (1997 - 2003)

Eter Ridsdale had become a hero of Leeds United for being able to compete with top Premier League clubs, until they had reached the Champions League semifinals in 2000/01.

But it turns out, Ridsdale who spend a lot of money to build a competitive squad makes Leeds should be in debt. When Ridsdale left behind in 2003, Leeds, worth 12 million pounds by that time, had debts of 79 million pounds.