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About Ajax vs MU in Europa League Final

Europa League Final this season will present Ajax match versus Manchester United. Here are some notes about the duel.

Europa League 2016-17 top game will be held at Friends Arena, Solna, Stockholm, on 24 May. Although it takes place in a neutral venue, Ajax is categorized as the host for administrative matters.

These notes about the final are summarized as UEFA.com:

Ajax trip to the final: Main 14 times (8 wins, 3 draws, 3 defeats, 24 goals, 15 goals conceded)
Group G winner
Round 32: Winning aggregate 1-0 versus Legia
Round of 16: Aggregate win 3-2 vs. FC Copenhagen
Quarterfinals: Aggregate win 4-3 vs Schalke (after extra time)
Semifinal: Win 5-4 aggregate vs Lyon

Topskorer: Kasper Dolberg (6)

MU trip to the final: Main 14 times (9 wins, 3 draws, 2 defeats, Make 23 goals, 8 goals conceded)
Group A runner-up
Round of the big 32: 4-0 aggregate win vs. St-Étienne
Round of 16: Aggregate win 2-1 vs. Rostov
Quarterfinals: Aggregate win 3-2 vs. Anderlecht
Semifinal: Win 2-1 aggregate vs Celta Vigo

Topskorer: Zlatan Ibrahimović, Henrikh Mkhitaryan (5)

Ajax vs MU Previously

The first round of the 1976-77 UEFA Cup
Ajax 1-0 Manchester United
Manchester United 2-0 Ajax

Round 32 of Europa League 2011-12
Ajax 0-2 Manchester United
Manchester United 1-2 Ajax

Ajax: 2 wins, 2 defeats, make 3 goals, conceded 5 goals

MU: 2 wins, 2 defeats, make 5 goals, conceded 3 goals

Best Achievement in UEFA Cup / Europa League

Ajax: Champion, 1991-92
- This is the 25th season of Ajax in the event.

MU: Final, 2016-17

- MU has the chance to become the fifth team capable of winning all three major trophy performances between European clubs.