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After Won La Liga,Isco wants Madrid focus on Champions League

Real Madrid success to locked La Liga title after defeat Malaga 2- 0
and one of Real Madrid player Isco saying something about their victory

"i'm so happy with this victory . it's my first La Liga trophy after i joined Real Madrid.
  but now we still have to focus because the most important match for us in this season is near".
said Isco after match with Malaga

Not only that,Isco also glad with the charm welcome from the Boquerones fans in that day.it's also a special moment for him since we know he had strength Malaga squad in 2011-2013.

"They(Malaga supporter) treat me very well,i'm so grateful with that.i'll support Malaga anywhere.
  But now what on my mind is how to help Real Madrid win the Champions League,"