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Barca offered Vinicius More Money, but Madrid More Interesting

leapyguide.com - Vinicius Junior is claimed to be able to earn more money if only chose Barcelona. But he chose Real Madrid because it has more interesting projects.

It was said by Frederico Pena who is the agent of the 16-year-old footballer, who recently redeemed El Real from Flamengo for 45 million euros or Rp 669 billion. He will join Madrid at 18 or July 2018.

"Barcelona has offered more money than Madrid, the player will be able to pay a larger," said Pena told Marca.com.

"But we ended up agreeing with Madrid because the players preferred their projects, some people thought he chose Madrid for money, they were wrong, Vinicus just concentrated on the sporting aspect and the position of Real Madrid in the negotiations is better," he explained.

One of the factors that make Vinicius choose Madrid is a number of recruitment activities that have been done by the Spanish giants club.

"Varane, Ramos, Casemiro, (Marco) Asensio, Marcelo They all come before the age of 22 and now they are a very important player in the first team Barcelona recruit players who already know how to play the team, except in the case of Neymar, so the situation Quite difficult as in the case of Arda (Turan), "call the Pen.