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Barcelona 3-1 Alaves: A Parting Gift For Luis Enrique

leapyguide.com-Barcelona went through a bad season for failing to win the La Liga and Champions League titles. However,they successfully complete and become a beautiful farewell gift for Luis Enrique.

Facing Alaves in the final Copa del Rey, Barcelona managed to win easily 3-1, Sunday (28/5) pm. Barcelona also defended itself as the most successful team in this event with 29 trophies achieved, or most of the other clubs.

Interestingly, Alaves had troubled Barcelona and did not give them space to get maximum performance.

New Barcelona can score a goal in the 30th minute through Lionel Messi scored a one-two slick cooperation with Neymar. Three minutes later, Alaves made a surprise.

They were able to equalize through an accurate free kick left-back talented, Theo Hernandez. Unfortunately Alaves off guard in the last minute to injury time the first half.

Barcelona was able to steal a goal by goal after Neymar in the 45th minute utilizing bait pull Andre Gomes. Paco Alcacer then ensured the Blaugrana victory three minutes later after maximizing Messi's pull bait.

The second half runs one party. Barcelona did keep pounding but Alaves defense is very tight when they really survive the total. Finally there is no additional goals and Barcelona won the crown champion.