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Barcelona Release Jersey Cage Next Season

LEAPYGUIDE.COMBarcelona have released a home jersey for the 2017/2018 season. The biggest difference is in the major club sponsorship that has changed.

On Monday (29/05/2017) local time, Barca officially showed a new jersey appearance to wade next season. Jersey is still put forward the red-blue color of Barca greatness.

In the jersey next season Barca also still rely on vertical stripes motifs. However, there are different than the jersey this season.

This time Barca blue color is very dominating. The size of the vertical strip of red appears to extend from the edge to the center.

On the collar, there is a yellow-red list, Catalan flag colors. Meanwhile, in the left arm still put Beko writing, as a sponsor of Barca.

In the inner arm there is the word "Forca" for the right arm and "Barca" for the left arm.

"Wearing the Barca costume for the first time creates a combination of pride and optimism to welcome next season It looks and feels like a modern sporting costume," Barca striker Neymar told the club's official website.

At the front of the chest, no more writing Qatar Airways. Now the place is filled Rakuten, who became the main sponsor of the club for the next four seasons.

Rakuten is an e-commerce company from Japan. Barcelona reportedly gets paid from Rakuten for 55 million euros per year or about Rp 817 billion.