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Chelsea Want to Close the Season with Style After a Bad Year

London - Chelsea are determined to win the FA Cup and close the season with two titles. It will be a stylish ending, after last year that ended bitterly.

Chelsea closed the 2015/2016 season ago in 10th position Premier League standings. The Blues also ended the year of the competition without a degree. The bad season then started a change in the team, with the appointment of Antonio Conte as manager at the start of the season.

Conte's arrival is sweet. Chelsea appear tough in the league to win the title. There is a good chance to marry the Premier League title with an FA Cup title, where Chelsea will face Arsenal at Wembley on Saturday (27/05/2017) night local time.

For Kurt Zouma, winning two titles after a bad season will be a big revival. It's called going to make a bad season that yesterday is more easily forgotten.

"We had a good season, we are champions in the league and we are in the FA Cup final but we will go to Wembley to reach double the title will be big," Zouma was quoted as saying by Standard.

"We want to get up, we won the league and are very happy with it but we have another tough game to play and if we get a double it will be good for us we have forgotten last season.