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Coming to the Champions League Final, Juventus Shoot Victory in the Last Game Serie A

Turin - Juventus still eyeing maximum points in the game against Bologna. Although it means nothing, the game is a chance Bianconeri to boost their confidence.

Action against Bologna at Stadio Renato Dall'Ara, Saturday (5/27/2017) tomorrow, will be the closing gait Juventus in Serie A this season. The game is meaningless for both teams. Juventus have secured the Scudetto since last weekend, while Bologna has also been freed from the threat of degradation.

Nevertheless, Juventus will not remove the game just like that. Victory will be a good capital before they duel with Real Madrid in the Champions League final next weekend.

"We will go to Bologna to pursue victory even if it means nothing in the standings," said Juventus striker Paulo Dybala on the club's official website.

"Playing well this weekend will give us an extra boost ahead of the Champions League final.On Sunday morning, we will focus entirely on Cardiff," Dybala said.

At the first meeting of this season, in January, Juventus won 3-0 win over Bologna in Turin. Dybala contributed one goal, while two other goals were scored by Gonzalo Higuain.