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De Gea move to Madrid in 1 Condition

 David de Gea  future is currently in speculation as it's linked with Real Madrid in the transfer market this summer of 2017. Manchester United are reportedly ready to release him to Madrid. However, it will only happen if Madrid want to do one thing for them, that is to include Alvaro Morata into the deal.

Previously, Madrid is ready to bring De Gea with a value of 65 million pounds. However, Mirror reported that the Red Devils are said to be willing to accept Madrid's offer if Madrid  giving Alvaro Morata plus 22 million pounds.
This is to anticipate the loss of Zlatan Ibrahimovic is likely to move to Major League Soccer. They also need an attacker who can replace Ibrahimovic. As for the goalkeeper post, they appear to have been ready to promote Sergio Romero to the main post.

However, this may require the seriousness of the club's management. The reason, Morata is currently called has agreed to move to AC Milan with a salary of up to 7.5 million euros per season. Milan only need to establish an agreement regarding the transfer price of the player with the management of El Real.