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English Premier League results

Premier League 2016/2017 has completed the matches last weekend. Who qualified for the Champions League was finally known.

Chelsea are already confirmed to be the champion perfecting the party with a 5-1 win over Sunderland. Tottenham Hotspur who had locked second position also closed the league with a goal party against Hull City.

The scramble of one last ticket to the Champions League was finally won by Liverpool. The Reds beat Middlesbrough 3-0 to ensure a fourth finish. Meanwhile, despite a 3-1 win over Everton, Arsenal have to settle for fifth place.

English League Result Week 38

Arsenal 3-1 Everton
Burnley 1-2 West Ham United
Chelsea 5-1 Sunderland
Hull City 1-7 Tottenham Hotspur
Leicester 1-1 Bournemouth
Liverpool 3-0 Middlesbrough
Manchester United 2-0 Crystal Palace
Southampton 0-1 Stoke City
Swansea City 2-1 West Bromwich Albion
Watford 0-5 Manchester City