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FA Cup Final Called as the Right Wenger Moment to Go

LEAPYGUIDE.COM - The FA Cup final party tonight was named as Arsene Wenger's exact moment to announce Arsene Wenger's departure from Arsenal. So says Martin Keown.

However, the former footballer who has three Premier League titles with Arsenal was not sure Wenger will go - lose or win against Chelsea at Wembley on Saturday (27/05/2017) night local time.

Keown believes if the Gunners win over Chelsea, grabbing the 13th title of alias the most in the event's history, then it would be a sweet moment of farewell. But Keown believes Wenger will not feel that way.

"This is a decisive day for Arsene Wenger at Arsenal," Keown wrote in his column in the Daily Mail.

"If he wins, Wenger will take his seventh FA Cup title against a team that is very dominant this season, winning the (FA) Cup will be the perfect moment to go, but I think that would confirms his confidence is still capable.

"I believe Wenger will also survive despite losing Arsenal, but he has to ask himself, it will feel like he is holding a temporary title until there are other coaches," he said.

This season, especially in the second half, the insistence on Wenger not to go so the manager at Arsenal keeps popping up. So far there is no new contract between Wenger and Arsenal.