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Final Premier League for Liverpool against Middlesbrough

Liverpool prepare for final Premier League against Middlesbrough at home
if they gain victory they could finish as high as 3rd  but they gonna finish at 5th if they lose.

"We have to perform,we have to win and if we have enough points after this matchday, then we deserve to go into Champions League. 'if not,we don't deserve to go into Champions League.
We want to finish it successfully, so it's all clear," Klopp told Liverpool official website

But there's one player who wasn't present yet,he's Roberto Firmino , he haven't trained all week and gonna face late fitness test to find out if he can play or not

Of course Liverpool and manager Jurgen Klopp is hopeful forward Roberto Firmino will be fit to return for the final Premier League 

He missed last week's win at West Ham with a muscle injury .
With doubts over Firmino's fitness,the manager could continue with the successful midfield diamond and Daniel Sturiddge and Divock Origi up front

Sturridge hoping will give a good impact against Middlesbrough on Sunday