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Griezmann Said Atletico's President Will Decide His Future

leapyguide.com-Griezmann has been rumored to move to United since last winter of 2017. In fact, he is rumored to have asked the club to sell it in the summer of 2017. Desire to win the title became the main factor he wanted to leave Atletico.

"I'm feeling good at this club, my agent is discussing with Atletico, so let's see what happens," said Griezmann as reported by Goal.

"I will make a decision this summer as I say I am happy to be here, I have spoken with my coach, Koke and Diego Godin, all of whom are in the hands of the president of the club.We'll see what happens.

26-year-old striker from France was brought by Atletico from Real Sociedad in 2014 and cost about 30 million euros. In the 2016/17 season he appeared in 53 matches throughout the event with Los Chochoneros with a score of 26 goals and 12 assists