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Ibra Still Injured, but his awaited aids MU in Europa League Final

Not just players on the pitch that will help Manchester United win the Europa League trophy. Despite injury, Zalatan Ibrahimovic will have a big impact.

MU will face Ajax Amsterdam in the Europa League final on Thursday (25/05/2017) pm dawn, at Friends Arena. This game so a chance 'Red Devils' for the first time won the Europa League trophy.

The Red Devils have less good capital in preparation for this top game. There are at least five injured players, including Ibrahimovic and Ashley Young who are senior players in the core team.

Although unable to play because of injury, Ibra and Young will still join MU entourage to attend the final game. They are judged to be able to help the team despite being off the field.

'Zlatan and Ashley (Young) have a very good experience. We need everything, "Ander Herrera said as quoted by the Daily Mail.

"If you want to win the Europa League and you want to make a good season, it's not just a factor on the pitch, you need outside help." Zlatan is here to help, Ashley is here to help as well We are a team together Everyone is very important, "he continued.

The Spaniard also reminded again about the success of Manchester United won the Community Shield and Carling Cup. The two titles, according to him, are not only a factor of 11 players on the pitch, but because of outside party support.

"I always say this is a team sport, we are a team, the reason we won two titles (Community Shield and Carling Cup) this season because everyone is there, working, helping.

"Of course there are 11 players who will be on the pitch but everyone is ready to help and support teammates so if we win it will apply to everyone, everyone has become part of this," he said.