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Interesting Facts on MU vs Ajax

1.Mini Treble Winners 

Two goals from Paul Pogba and Henrikh Mkhitaryan added to the team's trophy collection this season, having previously won the Community Shield and League Cup.

United's celebration party continues in Friends Arena, Stockholm, Sweden where the match is held and this victory is dedicated to the victims of the tragedy of a terrorist attack in Manchester, which killed 22 people recently.

2.England sent 5 Clubs to the Champions League

Complete ! England sent five representatives for the Champions League 2017/18. United ensured reaching it from Europa League path, while the other four teams are Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester City, and Liverpool. Especially for The Reds Liverpool, they will especially through the play off before entering the group phase, because they finished fourth in the standings.

United's victory is expected public Queen Queen Elisabeth as the beginning of the rise of English football, and it starts next season.

3.United Ends Spain Domination

United's success may be the turning point of a country other than Spain that has dominated Europe since 2014. Because, this for the first time since almost four years ago, other countries won it besides Matador Country.

In 2014 until 2016 Sevilla won the hat-trick Europa League title, while in that period Madrid has won two Champions League titles and one more is Barca's achieved. Only Bayern Munich won the Champions League 2013, as a non-Spanish team that won it.

4.Ajax Defeat just like World Soccer Defeat

Like the fight of boxing Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather Junior who had a scene in the world of sports, Ajax was like Pacquiao, playing entertaining, offensive, and full of pride, but ultimately lost to Mayweather's pragmatism in this case, United under Mourinho.

For some soccer lovers who see the essence of football from the way they play, Ajax's defeat is tantamount to a soccer defeat. Because, ultimately the result set everything and won the trophy, no matter what the way he achieved.

Ajax dominated up to 60 percent of the ball possession over United's 40, and created chances of 12 to five, and 17 kicks versus seven. However, all that was useless because United played effectively with two goals that they created on goal Andre Onana. So, Ajax loses with heads straight because they know fans salute with their struggle ...

5.The Special One

You want the trophy, then bring Jose Mourinho. Perhaps, the slogan will soon be outstanding if you see the latest trophy with United. In his first season, Mourinho has led United won the Community Shield, League Cup, and Europa League trophy. That achievement alone has exceeded the record of Sir Alex Ferguson in his first season with United.

"Jose Mourinho's first United manager in history is capable of giving two great trophies in his first season of lead," chirped @Squawka.

This victory also makes him the world's top manager who knows how to secure victory when the final game melakoni. Mourinho very rarely lost when it has reached the top game.

"Jose Mourinho's record in 14 final trophies with the club, 12 wins, two defeats, 12 trophies, 26 goals and eight clean sheets, won 85.7 percent," added @Squawka.

The 54-year-old Portugal man has also won all trophies at clubs he has defended from Porto, Chelsea, Inter Milan, Real Madrid, until now at United. He became one of five managers who have won many European trophies.

6. Red Devils is The Best Team from England

Slow but sure, United continue to shift their eternal rivals, Liverpool in terms of the acquisition of a major trophy.  Europa League add their quantity with the trophy that has been achieved. Red Manchester can be regarded as the best team England.

"Great British team trophy with highest achievers Man United (45), Liverpool (44), Arsenal (29), Chelsea (23), Aston Villa (21), Tottenham Hotspur (17) and Everton (15) Chirping @SkySportsStatto ..