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'Madrid is not just Ronaldo'

Madrid - Real Madrid are judged to have a lot of weapons staring at the Champions League final against Juventus. Players mainstay El Real is not just Cristiano Ronaldo.

Champions League match between Madrid against Juve will take place at Cardiff Stadium on 4 June.

Ronaldo will obviously become Madrid's primary support for the 12th Champions League title. The Portuguese player has scored 10 goals in the Champions League.

The former coach of Madrid, Carlo Ancelotti, of course familiar with the strength of the team from the Spanish capital. The coach who now handles Bayern Munich also gave his opinion on Juventus goalkeeper, Gianluigi Buffon.

"I am sympathetic to the oldest player who plays, for me, Buffon is special," Ancelotti said in As.

"And Real Madrid is not just Ronaldo, there are also Ramos, Modric, Marcelo, Benzema, and many other players," added the Italiano.

Before against Juve, Madrid still have to face another important game, Monday (22/05/2017) early morning hrs. They will undergo the final game in the Spanish league against Malaga. The match became the winner of the title.