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Live Umroh, Paul Pogba Show Familiarity with Local Residents

LEAPYGUIDE.COMPaul Pogba is enjoying his Umrah in this month of Ramadan. He even showed intimacy with the local residents of Mecca.
But what happened next was Pogba's new 'friend' in Mecca was mistakenly doing dab movements, making Pogba amused and laughing properly and saying 'Masya Allah'. Pogba then gave the video title 'Get ready for the new dab'.

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Pogba has been in Mecca for a few days to go through Umrah. The first day of Ramadan even passes in the holy city of Islam.

Two days ago, he uploaded a photo in front of the Ka'bah. The 24-year-old footballer called it 'the most beautiful scenery of his life'.

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