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Messi worries Neymar will leave Barcelona

leapyguide.com-Lionel Messi is reportedly worried about the future of his partner in Barcelona, Neymar. The reason, the Brazilian players are rumored to be leaving from the Camp Nou in the summer exchange this 2017 with Manchester United and Manchester City became the most serious enthusiasts. In addition, successor Luis Enrique will be the key to leave or not Neymar from Barca ..
via ftb90

Express reports that Neymar will most likely leave if former Athletic Bilbao coach Ernesto Valverde is appointed coach of Barca next.

In addition, Neymar's father is also rumored to ask his son to leave from Camp Nou because he felt his son would not be a key figure as long as Lionel Messi is still in Barcelona.

The Barcelona players reportedly want more Sevilla coach Jorge Sampaoli to become Enrique's successor, but Barca's management refused.

In addition to Neymar, Messi is also reportedly quite worried about the future of Andres Iniesta. The Barcelona captain has not renewed his contract with Barcelona. In fact, Iniesta's contract will expire at the end of the 2017/18 season.

And now it's official Valverde is their new coach, will Neymar leave Barcelona?