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Moratti: With Spalletti, Inter Can Expect Challenging Juventus

Milan - Former Inter Milan president Massimo Moratti rate Luciano Spalletti would be right to deal with the Nerazzurri. Spalletti can bring Inter against Juventus.

Spalletti is being linked with Inter, following his contract with AS Roma which will run out at the end of this season. So far there is no sign of Rome will extend the cooperation with the coach.

Inter on the other side are looking for coaches for next season. They have recently fired Stefano Pioli because of bad results. Pioli himself is actually a replacement coach for Franck de Boer who was fired at the start of the season.

Moratti believes Spalletti has the ability to revive Inter again, in order to compete in the top flight. Especially if fully supported by management.

"I think he's going to be an ideal profile, he's a smart person with experience overseas," Moratti told Retesport.

"He's been working well with Roma this season and I think he will be good for Inter, with his quality combined with some help from management, we can look forward to challenging Juve next season, as did Roma and Napoli this season." .

Spalletti handles Roma for the second period since the middle of last season. He saved the Roma season and finished third in Serie A that season, and again led Roma to compete in the top three this season. Currently Giallorossi is in the position of two standings with one game remaining.