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More than Liverpool, MU Now English Club with the Most Trophies

Stockholm - Manchester United successfully embrace Europa League trophy. The Red Devils became a British club with winning the most titles through Liverpool.

Manchester United won the Europa League final against Ajax Amsterdam. In a match that took place at Friends Arena, Stockholm, Thursday (05/25/2017) early morning GMT, 'Red Devils' won with the final score 2-0.

Paul Pogba and Henrikh Mkhitaryan became determinants of MU's victory. Pogba's goal scored in the first half, while Mkhitaryan early in the second half.

The Europa League trophy is MU's third trophy of the season with Mourinho after the English League Cup and Community Shield. Three trophies in the inaugural season Mourinho certainly not bad-bad very.

Moreover, the first Europa League trophy MU is increasingly making a trophy cabinet full of 42 trophies, more a trophy from Liverpool, and make the 'Red Devils' as the most successful English club.

In all of MU's history, there are a total of 20 English League titles, 12 FA Cups, five League Cups, three Champions League, one Europa League, and one Cup Winners Cup.

Under Manchester United and Liverpool, Arsenal became the third English club with the most trophy of 29 trophies. But of the 29 trophies, only two are achieved at European level. Chelsea have 22 trophies followed by Aston Villa with 20 trophies.

MU is also a fifth club capable of wiping out the entire European competition trophy from the Champions League, Europa League / UEFA Cup and Winners Cup. Previously there were Ajax, Bayern Munich, Juventus, and Chelsea.