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MU Dedicated Europa League Trophy for Victims of Attack in Manchester

Manchester United win the Europa League after beating Ajax Amsterdam in the final. Ander Herrera dedicates the victory to the victims of the Manchester bomb.

United won 2-0 over Ajax in the final which took place at Friends Arena on Thursday (05/25/2017) pm dawn. Goals scored Paul Pogba and Henrikh Mkhitaryan.

The game actually takes place in the nuances of grief. Two days earlier, the city of Manchester, England, got a bomb attack from terrorists.

The explosion took place at Manchester Arena, the location of a US pop star concert, Ariana Grande. At least 22 people were killed and dozens wounded over the incident.

Ajax vs MU game started with a moment of silence. After the match, Herrera immediately dedicate his team victory to the victims.

"I want to dedicate this trophy to the victims, it's just a football game, but what happened two days ago was terrible," Herrera told the BBC.

"We just want peace in this world, a normal world with mutual respect." We're just footballers but we have an audience so we want to see things together create a normal world. "

"It's happening in Manchester, but we want to see the world united and fight to create peace and mutual respect, hopefully there will be no more attacks and casualties," continued the Spanish midfielder.