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MU Extend Carrick Contract

LEAPYGUIDE.COM - The senior midfielder Michael Carrick will not move much less retire. Carrick is still one more season at Manchester United after signing a new contract.

Carrick is still an important player MU in this season despite his age has reached 35 years. The player who has joined the Red Devils since 2006 has made 38 appearances under the direction of Jose Mourinho and helped his team win the League Cup and the Europa League.

Carrick's initial contract will run out this summer. At the end of last year, he had said that he could not imagine to defend another club. Now Carrick could breathe a sigh of relief.

"A fantastic way to close the season, with a new trophy in our closet, I'm glad that my journey with this great club will continue," Carrick told Sky Sports.

"My focus now is to look forward to my testimonial game next Sunday.That will be a proud meomen for me and my family, and the perfect way to finish this fine season."

Mourinho welcomes Carrick's contract renewal. "I really enjoyed working with Michael during the last season and he is one of the true professionals of this game."

"Not only is he a great footballer, he is also a fantastic man and an example for our young players," added Mourinho.