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MU Not Consistent This Season

LEAPYGUIDE.COMManchester United perform poorly in the Premier League despite winning trophies in other competitions. 'Red Devils' is acknowledged to appear less consistent.
In the first season Jose Mourinho became manager, MU won three trophies namely Community Shield, then the English League Cup, and the last Europa League. The success of winning the Europa League brings them directly to appear in the Champions League group phase. No doubt this makes Mourinho praised given the achievements of MU lately indeed up and down since left by Sir Alex Ferguson. Although managed to achieve the "treble mini", still the MU season is considered failed because of poor performance in the league. MU who won more draws than any other team this season had to settle for sixth place finish, 24 points difference from Chelsea who became champion. Fans were not infrequently criticized the appearance of MU in the league considering the massive purchase in the transfer market, competing in the big four is mandatory. It is also recognized by winger MU, Juan Mata, who is determined to bring the team appear more okay in the league next season. "We won the Community Shield after the preseason, we won the English League Cup in London, which is a very special game for me, and of course the final in Sweden," Mata said in his personal blog. "But we are aware that we are inconsistent and less effective in the Premier League which makes it difficult to compete in the championship path, where should Manchester United compete there," he continued. "We have high hopes next season, but now it's time to take a break, step away from football and rest until the first practice in pre-season session tomorrow," he concluded.