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MU Takes Little Joy in the Midst of Grief Manchester

Manchester United take home the Europa League trophy. David Beckham called the achievement a bit of happiness for the mourning city of Manchester.

When melakoni Europa League final match at Friends Arena, Stockholm, Thursday (25/05/2017) early morning WIB, Manchester United able to reap a victory over Ajax Amsterdam with the final score 2-0. Paul Pogba and Henrikh Mkhitaryan became decisive victories for the Red Devils.

A few days before the final match, Manchester terrorized a bomb attack. There were 22 people dead and at least 59 others injured in attacks targeting US pop star Ariana Grande at Manchester Arena.

Before the final match, MU and Ajax keep silent for a minute to honor the attack victims.

"Tonight is more important than a sport, yes, a big night for Manchester United, but bigger evenings for our city and country," Beckham said on his personal Instagram.

"When we all grieve for families who have lost loved ones, we have a sport that brings a little happiness in a difficult time," he added.