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Official ! Barcelona Announces Ernesto Valverde as Their New Coach

leapyguide.com-Barcelona President Josep Bartomeu has finally announced a new coach to replace Luis Enrique. The figure is none other than the former Athletic Bilbao coach, Ernesto Valverde. Reported by the official site of Barcelona, Valverde will train starting 2017/18 season. He will be contracted for two seasons with the option of a seasonal extension.
Valverde has the ability, knowledge and experience, he is known as a coach who promotes young players and he has a distinctive Barca character, he is also a hard worker, and is not afraid to use technology in practice sessions," Bartomeu said.

Bartomeu also announced that the introduction of Valverde as the new coach will take place on Thursday (1/6).

Just like Enrique, Valverde is not a stranger to the Blaugrana. He was part of the Barca squad from 1988 to 1990 and helped the club win the Copa del Rey and UEFA Cup Winners' Cup. Prior to coaching Barca he coached Bilbao from 2013 to 2017.