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Official, Manchester City Get This Monaco US Young Player

LEAPYGUIDE.COM - Manchester City start the hunt for players to strengthen their squad next season.

The Citizens officially get one player even though the transfer market has not been fully opened.

City officially get midfielder belongs to French League champions this season, AS Monaco, Bernardo Silva.

The player who was aged 22 years was brought in with a fairly large price tag.

Quoted from the Telegraph, City must spend their money up to 43 million pounds.

20 will be the back number of the player who plays as the midfielder.

Bernardo Silva has been in Manchester since Thursday night local time.

He underwent a medical test before then announced as a new recruiting Manchester City.

However, the new Bernardo Silva will officially join the City on 1 July 2017 when the transfer market officially opened.

In addition to the Portuguese player, Manchester City coach, Pep Guardiola, still targeting a number of players.

Bernardo Silva's team-mate Benjamin Mendy became one of Barcelona's former coach targets.

In addition there are names such as Kyle Walker, Leonardo Bonucci, to Alexis Sanchez who entered the game Guardiola.