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Pogba Celebrates Europa League Champion at Once Welcomes Ramadan with Umrah

LEAPYGUIDE.COM - Paul Pogba has a special way to celebrate the Europa League trophy and welcome Ramadan. Manchester United midfielder to Mecca.

Three days after celebrating the Europa League success, Pogba flew to Saudi Arabia. Two missions at once lived the most expensive player in the world.

In his description on his instagram, Pogba called the departure to Mecca to express his gratitude for the success of the Red Devils who had just won the Europa League trophy by beating Ajax Amsterdam in Stockholm.

"On the way to say thank you for this season, meet Manchester again!" Call the 24-year player.

Pogba was instrumental in the victory in the game MU. Pogba scored the opening goal in a match at Friends Arena, Stockholm, Thursday (25/05/2017) pm dawn. Henrikh Mkhitaryan ensured a 2-0 MU victory over Ajax.

The trophy became the third collection of Manchester United this season with the previous get Community Shield and League Cup England. Europa League championship title at the same time make MU get Champions League tickets next season.

After that, Pogba uploaded a selfie video wearing ihrom in front of the qurbah at the Grand Mosque of Mecca. Her hair was left cropped and black. 

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Happy running fast, Pogba!