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Purchased by Madrid, Vinicius Later Can Be Worth 200 Million Euros

Rio de Janeiro - Real Madrid's decision to bring Vinicius Junior to praise. Because Vinicius has the potential to be a big player with very expensive price in the future.

Vinicius name became the talk in Europe following the decision of Madrid buy it from Flamengo at a price of 45 million euros or worth USD 699 million. The price is very high for a player who is only 16 years old!

Moreover, FIFA rules currently prohibit players 16 years traded so that he can only strengthen Madrid when he was 18 years in 2019.

Naturally many are questioning the purchase of this Madrid considering they can spend the same money for footballers in Europe that have been tested quality.

However, Madrid would not want to lose the opportunity to get a player who is mentioned the best gems of Brazil today. Vinicius is even considered better than Neymar later.

So rather than Barcelona who later get Vinicius, Madrid was inevitably moved quickly by securing the signature players who normally operate as the left wing.

With the great potential of Vinicius, then the price of 45 million euros called feels cheap considering Vinicius's sale price could reach 200 million euros, or about Rp 2.9 trillion.

"Madrid do not want to take the risk that Barca will get the other loses and they need a replacement for Benzema, Cristiano Ronaldo and other players, they need to renew the team with the young players, they do not want Vinicius to join the other European teams and recruit them later I think they've gambled with him, "said former Brazil national team player, Edmundo, as quoted Soccernet.

"If everything goes well in Madrid, then he will be worth 200 million euros.He is very good at his age this time, above average, but he still has a lot to learn.Neymar has no problem with his physical development, but Robinho so. Will not find a good player in Europe worth under 100 million euros, "continued Edmundo who once strengthened Flamengo.

"They gamble with him, he's on a very good track, he has everything to become a star Real Madrid have gambled and believe he can be a Galactico player he just needs to play ... sooner or later, at 15, 16, 20 ... He's pretty good, he should be a player Flamengo, "he concluded.

Vinicius's Serie A debut in Brasileiro came against Atletico Mineiro. He was put in the 80th minute, which broke Neymar's record as the youngest player to appear in the derby.

Vinicius previously shone with the Brazilian U-17 national team. In the championship of the United States, he led his team champions as well so top scorer by making seven goals from eight matches.