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Reasons Why Chelsea More Advantages of Arsenal

LEAPYGUIDE.COM - The world's oldest competition, the FA Cup, has entered the final round. The match at Wembley Stadium on Saturday (05/27/2017) tonight, will bring Chelsea with Arsenal.

The match should be interesting, first because the final atmosphere and the two competing teams. As we know, Chelsea underwent a remarkable performance this season. They managed to become Premier League champions and hard to beat. While Arsenal have a strong tradition in the FA Cup, they with Man United is the holder of the title with 12 times.

However, Arsenal can not play with full force. Arsene Wenger foster children is constrained about the absence of pillars due to punishment and injury. Laurent Koscielny (red card) and Santi Cazorla (injured) are certainly not going to play. While the other three pillars Kierann Gibbs, Ox-Chamberlaon, and Shkodran Mustafi doubt his fitness.

If you look at the above list, most of Arsenal's losses are on the back sector. Especially since Wenger's decision to change the formation to three defenders. A formation that requires a strong system in the back sector. Especially this season Koscielny and Mustafi are the main pillars to keep the defense of the Gunners. Losing 2 of the 3 defenders is clearly a nightmare for any team.

Indeed there is still a replacement name that Rob Holding the last few matches to be a worthy substitute Mustafi. But the 21-year-old defender will face tremendous pressure. A final game against Chelsea who was in top form.

Coupled with the fact that the Blues can show all the best skuat tonight. There is only Ruben Loftus-Cheek who can not perform because of injury. It will not have much effect because he is not a Chelsea core player.

Rooted from Meeting Notes

Arsenal and Chelsea have met twice this season in the Premier League event, the two beat each other. Arsenal managed to win 3-0 the first meeting, then Chelsea responded with a score of 3-1 at the second meeting.

If you look at the data we can just draw the conclusion that the two teams are actually balanced. Even while looking at the "aggregate" Arsenal precisely one goal ahead of Chelsea. But the fact is certainly not so, because the span of meeting time in a league that is too long.

Even just information, Chelsea's defeat of Arsenal in the first meeting is the point of their resurrection this season. After the game Antonio Conte immediately changed the tactics drastically, the results we can see in the Premier League final standings 2016-17.

Just as Conte did above, Wenger must be able to innovate in order to win this fight. Moreover, there are some rumors that mention that this FA Cup final will be the future determinant. Whether the contract that ends this season will continue or not.

In the last game, Arsenal actually could lock the Chelsea midfield by pressing Nemanja Matic and N'Golo Kante. Make the flow of the Blues balls to be choked up, especially that leads to the penalty box. They are forced to drain the ball only towards the wings without being able to enter the penalty box.

But unfortunately did not last long because when it was done Hazard became free not terkawal. Through his individual abilities he later became the most dangerous key player. He doubles as an attacker as well as regulator of attacks.

The opportunity to repeat the above tactics well open to Wenger. Moreover, the 3-4-3 formation that he used at the end of the season should be more mature. Duel-duel in midfield on paper should also be more balanced using the formation earlier.

Aaron Ramsey and Granit Xhaka midfield duet will be the key. Whether they can both win duel against Chelsea duo midfielder earlier, especially Kante. Xhaka actually has the potential for it, it's just that he often detached his emotional control so that it actually harming his own team.

Options to park Giroud and prefer Welbeck can also be used option for Wenger. Pressure from both wings makes them unable to freely send the air ball into the Chelsea penalty box. It would be wise to take advantage of Welbeck's acceleration for quick counterattacks.

Mental, Pressure, and Momentum

There is a very contrasting scene in the situation of both teams from London this. Regardless of the hurricane injury described above.

The difference is a matter of achieving the two that are much different. Chelsea ended the season by becoming English Premier League champions. While Arsenal must be satisfied to be ranked fifth.

It's true that Koscielny et al is still at the top, even above Manchester United. But the fact that should be accepted is Arsenal thrown from the Champions League zone for the first time since handled Arsene Wenger.

Being an FA Cup winner will not make them then get a quota of Champions League tickets. Because of the rules the winner of this tournament "only" will be eligible to compete in the Europa League. So in fact this fight became not special-special very.

Not to mention the talk of the team situation that when viewed from the public glasses his condition is hot. Arsene Wenger, whose contract expires this season, has also not announced his future.

Not to mention the issue of going to the departure of several pillars, including the mainstay player Alexis Sanchez. The players are rumored to feel uncomfortable playing at the Emirates Stadium for failing to qualify for the Champions League.

Different conditions exist in the Chelsea camp, they have just partying champion. Psychologically it makes them more thirsty for the trophy. Automatically also increase their confidence more and more doubled.


This match should be a balanced match, a dish okay for a final party. But unfortunately some facts do not speak so. Arsenal should be faced with some problems that could affect their game later.

Even so if you are fans of Arsenal, still do not be discouraged. Factor experience playing at Wembley and FA Cup final party is the realm of Arsene Wenger.

If managed to lift the FA Cup trophy, this will be the seventh title for the French manager. He will beat the record of George Ramsay who won 6 titles with Aston Villa. The same amount is owned by Liverpool as a whole.

As for Arsenal as a whole, this title could be crowned them into the team won the most FA Cup. Predicting the record of their rivals Man United who also has stolen 14 times trophy.

Even so Chelsea remain the top seed in this final party. The results of this season could be a benchmark how experience factors can still be defeated by way of innovation and hard work.