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Ronaldo Believe Madrid Can Break the UCL Curse

leapyguide.com-Winning the Champions League is the dream of all the big clubs of Europe. Currently the defending champion status is held by Real Madrid who have won 11 Champions League titles. El Real will soon face the final match Juventus counter in Cardiff, Wales, on Sunday, June 4, 2017 at 01:45 pm.

Both teams are equally favorite to win, but, there is a curse in the Champions League that the defending champion never won the title for the second time in a row. Finally, the team that was able to do it was AC Milan led by Arrigo Sacchi in 1989-90.

But the curse does not apply to Cristiano Ronado. The Madrid superstar always has high confidence, and is confident that his team will play a good match against the Bianconeri and bring home the 12th Champions League title to Madrid.

"On the day of the game there will be a lot of tension and I prefer not to think much about the final game, too humble nor good, we have to prove our character and show who is the best," said Ronaldo, as reported by Goal on Wednesday (31 / 05).

"They (Juventus) are incredibly great team, so we are, I have a feeling that we will play a great match, and we will win.We can win two titles (Madrid won La Liga title), retain title and go history Champions League. "This is great motivation and just one step away," said the 32-year-old player with confidence.

However, Ronaldo would have to worry. Given that Juventus managed to sweep all domestic titles this 2016/17 season while winning the Copa Italia and Serie A. In addition, Juventus are also able to win nine of a total of 19 matches between the two teams throughout its history. With Madrid winning eight, and the other two ending in a draw.