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Ronaldo believes Madrid could Break Juventus's Defenses

leapyguide.com-The Final, Juventus and Real Madrid, will take place in the Champions League final which takes place in Cardiff, Wales, on Sunday, June 4, 2017 at 1:45 pm. The Bianconeri have confirmed the double winners status of Serie A and Coppa Italia, while Madrid won La Liga.

Los Blancos are the defending champions of the Champions League, and if they win it again, then it will break the curse of two consecutive wins in the Champions League after previously occurred in 1992/93, when the format has not been named Champions League.

Cristiano Ronaldo, representing his teammate also revealed that Madrid wants to continue to make history in Europe. Especially if the win later, it will be their 12th Champions League title.

"Every player in the dressing room (Madrid) wants to create history will be an honor to be the first team to win two Champions League titles in a row," said the Portuguese winger, Marca reported Sunday (28/05).

The Madrid superstar also knows that Juventus have a typical play with Atletico Madrid. They both rely on solid defense, and conduct attacks with effective counterattacks.

"We know the game will be very difficult, but we are Madrid, so we know a realistic chance to win." This final is the same as before (against Atletico), basically it's like turning a coin.The two squads will try to take advantage of the opponent's mistake; Neatly will win, hopefully it's us, "said Ronaldo.

Juventus are strong defenders in the Champions League and also Serie A, but, Ronaldo is also confident that the team besutan Massimiliano Allegri it has a gap that became their weakness.

"Juventus are a perfect team because they have proven it with the title of Serie A and Coppa Italia, and they have a very great trip in Europe, they like to play a tight defense, like Atletico," Ronaldo added.

it looks like Seirin vs Yosen ?