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Ronaldo Chasing Messi ... Also Neymar

LEAPYGUIDE.COMCristiano Ronaldo chance to close the season not only with the Champions League title. He can win the top scorer title plus the most assisted printers.

Ronaldo had a chance to close the 2016/2017 season is very sweet with Real Madrid. Having won the Spanish league, the Portuguese star is now looking at the Champions League title.

Together with his colleagues at Los Blancos, Ronaldo will undergo the final at the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff, on 4 June. If successful champion, then Ronaldo and his friends became the first team to defend the title since the Champions League format began in 1992/1993.

It will also be the 12th Champions League trophy for Madrid, which will further affirm them as the ruler of this tournament.

But specifically for Ronaldo, he could have made the title feel even more special. Or the worst scenario, if Madrid fail champion, Ronaldo have a prize of entertainment.

Ronaldo as is known to have a good chance to become the top scorer in the Champions League this season. So far he has carved 10 goals, just lost to Barcelona striker Lionel Messi who has 11 goals.

While Ronaldo will still have one more game and can change his record, Messi is not going to add a goal. Because Barca was eliminated in the quarterfinals.

If able to pass or at least match the incision Messi, then Ronaldo will carve a special record. He will be five consecutive seasons at the top of the scorers list.

In 2012/2013, 2013/2014, and 2015/2016 then, the 32-year player became the top scorer. While in 2014/2015, Ronaldo both occupy the top position with Messi and Neymar with 10 goals. But in that season Neymar who is entitled to the top scorer award for scoring with the least time playing.

Not only that, Ronaldo can also be the most assisted printer in the tournament this time. Currently Madeira born players that have made six assists, only lost two from Neymar.

If you want to win the title as well as top scorer and printer assist most, then Ronaldo need to make at least two goals and three assists. For now Ronaldo has more minutes to play than Messi and Neymar.

Obviously very heavy, if not want to be called impossible. This means that Madrid make five goals against Juve and entirely involving Ronaldo. But perhaps one of those two achievements would have been enough for Ronaldo.

Or maybe even Ronaldo did not care at all with this individual case because of the focus to the title?