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Rumors to China, Costa Call Comfort at Chelsea

LEAPYGUIDE.COMDiego Costa is speculated for China. Conveniently located in Chelsea, Costa also said if he had to go he would only return to his old team, Atletico Madrid.

Costa made one goal in the FA Cup final at Wembley Stadium on Saturday (05/27/2017). However, that goal did not help Chelsea to win the trophy. At the end of the game Arsenal came out as champions.

Any result achieved Chelsea did not allay the future of Costa rumors. On the contrary, Costa's future speculation of going to China by joining Tianjin Quanjian once again warmed up.

Moreover, Chelsea manager Antonio Conte calls will determine the future of Costa. In the process Costa first mentioned if he will not be anchored in China.

"There is no other club except for Atletico for me I do not think to go I am fine here I still have a two-year contract," Costa said as quoted by Soccerway.

"But if the club wants to sell me, I'm clear that there's only one club I'll be back in. I'm fine, I'm comfortable here People who say about China will have a World Cup and if I joined the Chinese club I can not enter the team.

"I will stay if the club and the manager want me to stay here if they intend to sell me and bring in another striker I will go but there is only one club to leave me," said the Spanish passporter.