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There was an explosion at the Ariana Grande Concert, UEFA Secured Europa League Final

The bomb blast occurred at the Ariana Grande concert in the city of Manchester. This terror makes some countries increase their vigilance.

As has been reported, the explosion occurred outside the Ariana Grande concert arena at Manchester Arena on Monday (5/22/2017). The explosion, which was later believed to be a suicide attack, has so far claimed 22 lives.

As a result, Britain and France are asking their citizens to increase their vigilance. In New York, United States, security is also enhanced.

This incident also raises concerns related to the Europa League final between Ajax Amsterdam against Manchester United, which will be held at Friends Arena, Stockholm on Thursday (25/05/2017) pm dawn.

Especially before the terror also took place in Stockholm, where on 7 April and a man named Rakhmat Akilov hijacked the truck and crashed into the crowd. Five people died in the attack.

But UEFA assures that it has considered all possible terror-related issues with local authorities. Strict security has also been planned from the beginning.

UEFA is simply calling on the audience to come as early as possible because there is potential for buildup at checkpoints.

"There is currently no special intelligence that might suggest that the Europa League final activities in Stockholm may be the target of attack," UEFA said in an official statement.

"UEFA has been working with the local authorities and the Swedish FA for months and the risk of terrorists has been calculated since the start of the project." Furthermore, a number of additional security measures will be implemented following the attack in Stockholm in April.

"Due to the tight security arrangements, UEFA is urging fans to come to the stadium as early as possible, as detailed checks will be made at the entrance, culminating in potential delays to access the stadium," Soccerway said.