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Top Ten Most Expensive Brazil's Players

leapyguide.com-Brazil is one of the countries that produce talented players. Not infrequently, the players and even then contracted by big European teams with fantastic value. In fact, the clubs almost certainly have talent scouts that keep going around the Brazilian streets to Brazilian club games to keep up with information about new talented players.

Here are 10 most expensive Brazilian players signed from Brazil to the European team, throughout history:

10. Alexandre Pato (22 Million Euro)

Alexandre Pato came to AC Milan in 2007 at a very young age, which is 18 years old. He brought the Rossoneri with a fund of 22 million euros. Pato started his early seasons in Milan with a brilliant. But after the year 2010, he was more often struggling with injury to be sold Diego in January 2013 to Corinthians. Now he is playing for Chinese club Tianjin Quanjian.

9. Robinho (25 Million Euro)

Robinho performed brilliantly with Santos and bring the club winning trophy in 2002 and 2004. The result, Real Madrid was attracted by the performance and immediately memboyongnya early in the 2005/06 season with a dowry of 25 million euros. He then considered not so successful and sold back to Manchester City in 2008 with a value of 43 million euros.

After that, Robinho went to several clubs like AC Milan, back to Santos, Guangzhou Evergrande until now returned to Brazil to play with Atletico Mineiro.

8. Gabriel Barbosa (25 Million Euro)

Coming with the nickname 'The Next Neymar', Gabriel Barbosa, also commonly called Gabigol, failed to meet Inter Milan's expectations in his first Italian Serie A season. Though he carried off with the value of 25 million euros from Santos in early January 2017 ago. Many people who judge Gabigol not given enough opportunities at Inter, but its potential is so great.

7. Bernard (25 Million Euro)

The full-name player of Bernard Anício Caldeira Duarte is an Atletico Mineiro academy dropout. He also had targeted by top European clubs because of his impressive appearance in the Brazilian League. However, Shakhtar Donetsk, a Ukrainian club that does have a good record with Brazilian players who are lucky to get Bernard with a dowry of 25 million euros in 2013.

With Shakhtar, the regular player who operating in the left wing sector has played in 127 games with 18 goals and 31 assists.

6. Denilson (31.5 Million Euro)

Being one of the wonderkids of his time, Real Betis was confidently bringing Denilson - who was 21 years old - who performed stunningly with Sao Paulo in 1998. Unfortunately, Denilson, who was carried off with a fantastic score of 31.5 million euros, was only able Scored 11 goals from 150 matches that he played with Betis. He was released to Bordeaux in 2005 on a free transfer.

5. Oscar (32 Million Euro)

Oscar came to Chelsea in early 2012 and immediately won the Champions League trophy six months ago. He also helped the Blues champions Europa League seasonal intermittent. However, his inconsistent game made Jose Mourinho, Guus Hiddink until Antonio Conte began to pull over.

The peak, Oscar was sold to Shanghai SIPG in January 2017 with a fantastic value, which is 60 million euros. This is far above the purchase price of Internacional, which is 32 million euros.

4. Gabriel Jesus (32 Million Euros)

Gabriel Jesus officially uniformed Manchester City in January 2017 after trafficked from Palmeiras with a dowry of 32 million euros. Adaptation in the Premier League was fairly fast because it managed to score seven goals and four assists in 10 matches, despite injury suffered. He even had to shift the position of the main attacker who occupied Sergio Aguero although later, Pep Guardiola start to duet both of them.

3. Lucas Moura (40 Million Euro)

Shown brilliantly with Neymar at the 2012 London Olympics, despite winning only a silver medal after losing to Mexico in the top party, six months later, Lucas Moura officially uniformed Paris Saint-Germain for a fee of 40 million euros.

Early in his career with PSG, he seemed difficult to adapt and was unable to offset the fantastic transfer value. But slowly, Lucas Moura is able to answer all the criticism and become an important part of PSG in becoming the Ligue 1 champion in four seasons streak until 2015/16.

2. Vinicius Junior (45 Million Euro)

Recently Real Madrid surprisingly announced official purchase of Vincenus Junior from Flamengo. They will only have the player in July 2018, but will still let him play in the Brazilian club until 2019. Indeed, the El Real did not tell the cost of the transfer of players born July 12, 2000, but some news mentioning Vincencius Jr. Carried off with a value of 45 million euros.

1. Neymar (86 Million Euro)

Being a sensation in Santos and the Brazilian national team, Neymar finally chose Barcelona as the next career port in 2013. The player who captained the Brazilian national team in the 2014 World Cup was also carried off with a value reaching 86 million euros. Since coming to Camp Nou, he has appeared in 185 games throughout the arena with a score of 104 goals and 79 assists.