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Totti's Emotional Speech and His Farewell to Roma

leapyguide.com-25 years is not a short time for a player to devote himself to only one club, and it is done by I'll Capitano, Francesco Totti. The legend played until the age of four heads aka 40 years, and now, there is a moment for him to say goodbye to the Giallorossi.

The player who was born on 27 September 1976 was unable to withstand the tears that poured from his eyes when giving his final speech to the fans of Roma, and following quotes Totti, as reported by Football Italia (29/05):

"We're all here, the moment has come.It's a pity that this moment has come when I hope never to arrive.For the last few days many things have been said about me, beautiful things.You are supporting me from behind , pushing me In tough moments, and that's why I want to say thank you to all. "

"I cried myself like a madman You can not just forget 25 years like this I thank everyone, even though this is not easy for me I have talked to my wife about how these years passed I thank my mother , Dad, brother, family and friends Thank you my wife and three children I want to start here because I'm not sure if I can end it. "

"It's impossible to describe 28 years with a few words, I want to do it with season or poetry, but I'm not good at it.I try to express it through my feet because everything is younger in that way.I want to think my career is like a fairy tale to tell..and This is the worst part, now it's really over, I'll take my shirt off for the last time, I'll tidy it up nicely, even if I have to admit I'm not ready to say it's over, and probably never ends. "

"Now is the moment to thank my teammates, coaches, directors, presidents, and all who have worked with me for years.Fans,a reference point for us Roma and Romanisti. And Romanisti is an honor, as well as being the captain of this team.You will and always be in my life. "

"I may not be able to have fun with my legs anymore, but my heart will always be with you.Now I will come down on that ladder, enter the dressing room that welcomes me as a child, and I go now as a man I am happy and proud With 28 years of love I give to Rome I love you! "