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Wenger Focus to Win Premier League Title Next Season

leapyguide.com-In response to a new contract he got, Arsene Wenger was finally spoke up. He even directly target the Premier League as the first trophy he wants to achieve after adding to his service with Arsenal.
"I love this club and I am very impatient to see the future with a sense of optimism and spirit," said Wenger, as quoted by the BBC.

Wenger also believes that he is quite confident with the ability of the players. According to him, Arsenal squad currently filled by quality players and if added with the new players later, then they will be stronger and more likely to achieve success.

It seems very reasonable if Arsene Wenger is targeting the Premier League in the upcoming 2017/18 season, the last time they won the league is in the 2003/04 season ago.

Arsene Wenger started joining Arsenal in 1996. Together with The Gunners, he successfully won various domestic titles, such as three Premier League titles, seven FA Cup, and six Community Shield titles.