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Wenger's Future Is Determined Next Week

LEAPYGUIDE.COMThe future of Arsene Wenger at Arsenal is immediately clear. The Arsenal manager revealed, his decision will be announced in the middle of next week.

The Frenchman has just taken the Gunners to the FA Cup after beating Chelsea 2-1 in the final on Saturday (5/27/2017). This victory set a record for Arsenal as the most successful team in the competition with 13 trophies.

Wenger was 'splashed' record. Already the seven FA Cup trophies he achieved with the Gunners, making Wenger a manager with the most FA Cup championship medal.

However, it did not affect the wave of protests driven by some Arsenal supporters. Wenger was asked to leave in the summer so there was no need to sign a new contract

"I'm always very clear about that [future]," Wenger told BBC Sport.

"We will have a meeting on Tuesday, and on Wednesday or Thursday it will be very clear."

Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey is still hoping Wenger will stay on next season. "Of course I want him to survive - he deserves it," said the Wales midfielder.