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Zlatan Doesn't Look Too Pleased When Marcos Rojo Tries to Interrupt Precious Selfie

Despite being injured for the Europa League final, Manchester United striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic was still one of the most prominent talking points of the fixture.

The Red Devils beat Ajax 2-0 in Stockholm and the 35-year-old couldn't resist being a major part of the celebrations back in his homeland.

During the presentation of the trophy, Ibrahimovic was keen for a few selfies but it seems one player was not allowed to feature on the Swedish striker's camera roll. Poor old Marcos Rojo was brutally rejected as he tried to harmlessly involve himself.

You big bully Zlatan. Poor old Rojo was just doing what most people would do when they think their friends are taking a photo but sadly, the Argentine was given the dreaded death stare.

Both Ibrahimovic and Rojo were absent for the final after picking up serious knee injuries in the quarter-final second leg against Anderlecht.