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10 Manchester United's Biggest Hits Player Hijacked Other Clubs

LEAPYGUIDE.COMDrama often occurs in the transfer of players. Manchester United also experienced it when the players coveted them precisely seized other clubs.

Chelsea are among the most defeated Manchester United transfer plans, counted since 2003. They are Arjen Robben, John Obi Mikel, Michael Ballack, Eden Hazard, and lastly Pedro Rodriguez.

While MU twice ditelikung giant Bundesliga Bayern Munich after bringing Thiago Alcantara and Renato Sanches. In addition, the 'Red Devils' might be able to see Ronaldinho's beautiful game if Barcelona were not bothered.

Here are the top 10 players targeted by Manchester United in the last 15 years, as summarized by Squawka:

1. Ronaldino (2003)

Club Seller: Paris Saint-Germain
Hijacker: Barcelona
Transfer price: 30 million euros

At that MU looks almost certainly get Ronaldinho. For the sake of Brazilian soccer maestro, MU even recruit Kleberson to accompany him.

However, Barcelona and its relations in Brazil are able to convince Ronaldinho to join. MU even more bite the fingers because Ronaldinho managed to bring Los Cules achieve great success, and won twice became the world's best players.

"Yes, I could have played for another club, but I joined Barcelona because of my friendship with Sandro Rossell I could have played for Manchester United.

2. Arjen Robben (2004)

Seller Club: PSV
Hijacker: Chelsea
Transfer price: 12, 1 million pounds

The wing players became the key to MU game in Sir Alx Ferguson era. Robben then targeted as a successor David Beckham. But Manchester United negotiate too long about the transfer price of the Dutch player, before Chelsea finally came and immediately recruited him.

"My encounter with Sir Alex Ferguson went very well, and I am ready to be ready, but I am convinced by (Claudio) Ranieri and (Peter) Kenyon - they say the whole story of Chelsea and it attracts me."

3.John Obi Mikel (2006)

Vending Club: Lyn
Hijacker: Chelsea
Transfer price: 12 million pounds

Unpleasant story experienced by United when recruiting John Obi Mikel in 2005. After signing the contract, Mikel even had a press conference with MU jersey.

Not long after, Mikel disappeared away by his agent, John Shittu. The player later claimed that he never wanted to play for United, but Chelsea. Finally after the tug-of-war involvement, Mikel landed at Stamford Bridge.

"Some clubs want to recruit Mikel and I show him all the faxes," Shittu said. "He does not want to see the faxes because he only has a mind at Manchester United, he is very happy when his transfer is completed and he wants to join United."

4.Michael Ballack (2006)

Club sellers: Bayern Munich
Hijacker: Chelsea
Transfer price: free

Ballack is the target of United for many years. After his contract runs out at Bayern in 2006, MU looks will eventually get the German midfielder.

But again Chelsea ruined MU's plan by winning Ballack. The player spent four seasons in West London winning the Premier League, three FA Cups and one League Cup.

"Manchester United [United] came before Chelsea but I did not meet Sir Ale Ferguson at that time, United were not good enough in the Champions League - they were eliminated in the first half of the season but Chelsea are growing very fast, I want to be a part of it. "

5. Aaron Ramsey (2008)

Club sellers: Cardiff
Hijacker: Arsenal
Transfer price: 4.8 million pounds

MU has bid for Cardiff for Ramsey transfer and is accepted. However, when Ramsey arrived at Carrington, Sir Alex was not there because he was on holiday so MU captain Gary Neville accompanied him around.

Meanwhile, Arsene Wenger used it to meet directly with Ramsey. The Welsh player was impressed with Arsenal and chose to join the Gunners.

"Arsene Wenger tried hard to try and take me to this club.As a 17-year-old boy, flying on a private jet to his hotel (in Switzerland for the 2008 European Cup) is really amazing but I think I've made the right decision. Just feel more wanted by Arsenal and by the boss. "

6. Eden Hazard (2012)

Club sellers: Lille
Hijacker: Chelsea
Transfer price: 32 million pounds

As MU's dominance began to fade, Chelsea again seized his rival's target. MU want Hazard to keep their performance, but the success of Chelsea won the 2011-12 Champions League to make the Belgian star was tempted.

Since joining Chelsea five years ago, Hazard managed to bring his club twice won the Premier League. While MU has not been the league champion since 2012-13.

"There was a bitter struggle between Chelsea and United, but I think Chelsea have a better plan, I'm in advanced talks with both clubs, and I'm talking to the two coaches."

7. Lucas Moura (2012)

Club sellers: Sao Paulo
Hijacker: PSG
Transfer price: 45 million euros

After failing to get Hazard, MU divert his shot to Lucas. At that time MU became the leading club in getting this Brazilian player, but the deal is constrained price issues.

PSG who got a big money injection from the owner did not think twice to take Lucas. Ferguson looked frustrated with the failure to recruit two wing players in a transfer window.

"I'm very close to joining Manchester United." It was almost happening, but in the last minute, Leonardo contacted me and talked to me and my parents."

8. Thiago Alcantara (2013)

Club sellers: Barcelona
Hijackers: Bayern Munich
Transfer price: 25 million euros

Disappointment suffered again MU to get his dream player. After leaving Ferguson retired, David Moyes occupied the seat of the captain of The Red Devils.

Barcelona have been willing to sell Thiago and MU in a leading position to get it. However, Moyes is still hesitant to decide whether to recruit Thiago or not. Then, Bayern who trained Josep Guardiola suddenly participated in the hunt and successfully seized the Spanish midfielder.

"Yes (may join MU), but the real possibility is Bayern. (Because guardiola?) Yes, maybe but I can not change the past and choose focus on the present.You learn something new every day with Pep, a coach who Awesome that channeled a great passion. "

9. Pedro (2015)

Club sellers: Barcelona
Hijacker: Chelsea
Transfer price: 21.4 million pounds

When coached Louis van Gaal, MU requires many goals and speed in the wing area. At the same time, Barcelona sells Pedro, who will fit that strategy.

However, the MU approach is too long. As a result, Chelsea precede United to get the signature of the Spanish international player in just a few days.

"I have a lot of offers from English clubs - Manchester United, City and Chelsea, clubs that are quicker to complete my transfers and clubs that show more interest to me."

10. Renato Sanches (2016)

Club seller: Benfica
Hijackers: Bayern Munich
Transfer price: 35 million euros + 45 million euros

Renato Sanches up the leaf thanks to his slick performance in the 2015-16 season. It makes Sanches one of the most hunted players in all of Europe.

Although in a good position to get Sanches, Jose Mourinho has not been appointed as manager of United. Mourinho was not able to insist on a transfer deal Sanches, and on the other hand Bayern came up with a bid 'wah' that can not be denied Benfica.

"I came late," said Mourinho. "I joined in May, we spoke a week before but it was completely out of the process, if I had joined earlier, I would have fought to get him."