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5 Interesting Things About Lionel Messi's Wedding

LEAPYGUIDE.COMFriday, June 30, 2017, Lionel Messi and his lover, Antonella Roccuzzo will marry in their hometown, Rosario, Argentina. The wedding was fairly luxurious and invited many people, including Messi's colleagues both in the national team and club. Here are five interesting things about the marriage of Lionel Messi and Antonella Roccuzzo:

5. Antonella is Messi's childhood friend

Antonella Rocuzzo who is Lionel Messi's fiancee turned out to be a childhood friend of La Pulga. He has known Messi since the age of five. Both are indeed friends who have adjacent houses. Until now, they have been blessed with two children namely four-year-old Thiago Messi and one-year-old Mateo Messi.

4. Not Inviting Diego Maradona and Cristiano Ronaldo

Although Diego Maradona could become Messi coach when he menukangi Argentina national team at the 2010 World Cup, the Argentine legend was not invited by La Pulga. Reportedly, his relationship with the legend is not good.

So also with rivals Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo. He also did not get an invitation from Messi. Although invited, Ronaldo may not come due to coincide with the birth of his twin sons.

3. Closed to Public

City Center Rosario which will be the wedding venue of the mega star will be closed to the public. The wedding will only be attended by guests who have invitations and a number of journalists who are invited to cover. The hotel where the guests are invited to stay even has been rented entirely by Messi.

2. Strict Security of the Military

In order to maintain the continuity of the event remained smooth, Messi also hired hundreds of security officers from Argentina. Reportedly, the security officer numbered 200 people and will be led by his former country officer. In addition, he also reportedly brought a number of soldiers from Israel to secure the process of marriage.

1. Shakira Will Not Come

Although the relationship of Lionel Messi and Gerard Pique quite tight, but it was not with both their partners. Reportedly, Antonella Rucuzzo and Shakira who are the couple Pique not have a good relationship. Although Pique and Shakira are invited, it seems that both will not attend the wedding.