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Ahead of Moving, Pepe Critic Madrid

LEAPYGUIDE.COMPortugal defender Pepe is certain to leave Real Madrid. However, there are some who make Pepe feel unhappy about the club that has been defended for 10 years.

Pepe will end his partnership with El Real after his contract, which expires this summer, is not renewed. Reportedly, the Brazilian-born player will continue his career to Paris St. Germain, although there has been no official confirmation.

During this time Pepe almost always be the main defender in Madrid. However, starting the 2016-17 season, the role of 34-year-old footballer is reduced dramatically. Since the injury in the derby match in April, Pepe has not yet grazed despite being declared fit to play in several games.

Pepe did not hesitate to criticize the behavior of Madrid when negotiating. "Madrid does not offer a two-year contract," he told Cadena COPE, cited Sport.

"There are ways to talk and negotiate, but the club is not behaving properly, that's what irritates me, so I do not go with the club.In fact, I'm ready to move in. My stuff is mostly in Portugal and I've recently bought a house in Madrid, "Pepe continued.

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Pepe admitted injured with Madrid's attitude when not defending him in case of alleged tax evasion. Coach Zinedine Zidane did not escape his criticism.

"The club did not defend me with the tax case, you know I already have everything now, but do you see the club defending me?" Beber Pepe again.

"What Zidane has done in Madrid is spectacular, but there are some things I do not understand like how I disappear from the team I do not say goodbye [to Zidane] because Zidane and Real Madrid already know I'll be gone before I do it," he.