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Bravo Fails Three Penalties Portugal, Chile to Final

LEAPYGUIDE.COMClaudio Bravo became a Chilean hero for the 2017 Confederations Cup final. Bravo thwarted three Portuguese executions in the penalty shootout, bringing Chile to a 3-0 win.
Undergo the semi-final match at Kazan Arena on Thursday (29/06/2017), Portugal started with a good chance at the beginning of the game. Andre Gomes hard kick from outside the penalty box is still too easy to secure Claudio Bravo. Chile responded with a chance Eduardo Vargas in the sixth minute. Bait breakthrough Alexis Sanchez received Vargas and stay facing the goalkeeper, it's just sontekan dismissed Rui Patricio. Portugal responded shortly afterwards. Bait Cristiano Ronaldo struck by Andre Silva who faced with Bravo. His kick was read and pushed over. Until the first half is over, no goals are created. Chile started the second half nicely, as Jean Beausejour sent a cross and headlong Arturo Vidal. It's just Vidal failed to direct it to the goal. Portugal threatened back through Ronaldo. Receiving the ball on the left side, Ronaldo off hard kick just drove by Bravo. As time goes by, the tempo keeps slowing and chances are reduced. 90 minutes walking game, no goals are also created. In the extra round, Chile first spread threats. Sanchez was in a free position as he welcomed Mauricio Isla's cross, but his header stretched just wide to the left. Portugal has several times shown the potential for its attack, but Chile is more promising. Vidal kick in the 119th minute hit the goalposts. Rooked ball tried to mencocor Martin Rodriguez, but hit the crossbar. The game was continued into the penalty shootout. Chile started well through Vidal, which continued into the next two kickers of Charles Aranguiz and Alexis Sanchez.

Portugal, on the other hand, has failed from the start. Quaresma kicking read by Bravo, followed by two other kicks by Joao Moutinho and Nani who can also be dispelled by Manchester City goalkeeper. Chile went to the final and will face the winner between Germany against Mexico. Chile Penalty: Vidal - Goal Aranguiz - Goal Sanchez - Gol Portugal Penalty: Quaresma - Failed Moutinho - Failed Nani - Failed Composition of players: Portugal: Patricio; Cedric, Fonte, Alves, Eliseu; Bernardo Silva (Quaresma 83 '), William, Adrien Silva (Moutinho 102'), Andre Gomes (Martins 116 '); Ronaldo, Andre Silva (Nani 76 ') Chile: Bravo; Isla (Fuenzalida 120 '), Medel, Jara, Beausejour; Aranguiz, Diaz, Hernandez (Silva 112 '); Vargas (Rodríguez 86 '), Sanchez, Vidal