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Cristiano Ronaldo Make a New Record, Madrid Break the Curse

leapyguide.com-In the match that ended with a score of 4-1, the Cristiano Ronaldo successfully opened the El Real advantage in the 20th minute. Although Juventus were able to equalize through Mario Mand zukic's goal in the 27th minute, Casemiro, Marco Asensio and one additional Ronaldo goal ensured his side's victory.

The success of Zinedine Zidane's squad won the Champions League title was also made Cristiano Ronaldo re-incised a new record, as reported by the official website of UEFA, he successfully became the third player who always managed to win in four Champions League final party

As known, Ronaldo has four times won the Champions League title, namely in 2007/08 when still playing for Manchester United and in the season 2013/14, 2015/16 and 2016/17 with his team at this time, Real Madrid.

Before Ronaldo, there have been two other players who also successfully won the Champions League four times, the senior midfielder Barcelona, Andres Iniesta and AC Milan player, Clarence Seedorf.

In addition to the information, Iniesta won four Champions League titles with Barcelona, while Seedorf took him along with three different teams, namely Ajax Amsterdam, AC Milan and Real Madrid.

Not only for Ronaldo, the success of Madrid won the Champions League 2016/17 this season also made them secure their 12th Champions League title throughout the history of the club. Not only that, Los Blancos will be the first team to successfully win the Champions League in two consecutive seasons.