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Dani Alves Promise to give Buffon his first Champions League title

leapyguide.com-Before the Champions League final between Juventus counter Real Madridat Millennium Stadium, Cardiff, Juventus keeper, Gianluigi Buffon carrying the mission to win his first trophy in this event. He confessed that Dani Alves had promised to win this for him.

Alves has won this event twice while still defending Barcelona, including defeating Buffon and Juventus in the 2014/15 final. Buffon mentioned Alves as the key in the match later because it has enough experience in the final. He also confessed that Alves had promised him by sending a message to him.

"Yeah right, I sent him a message that says I hope he can be our inspiration to achieve it (win the Champions League)," Buffon said as reported by Express.

"He responded by saying that he promised to win me the Champions League, he proved to have done it throughout the competition, it was like an enlightenment for us (who has never won it yet)."

Previously Buffon has played twice in the Champions League final with Juventus, namely in the 2002/03 and 2014/15 seasons. But unfortunately the two finals must end up not sweet for the goalkeeper gaek because only managed to reach the runner-up position.