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Decided To Leave,Ex Madrid's President Believe Ronaldo Going Back to MU

leapyguide.com-2 weeks after won the Champion League, all of sudden Ronaldo declared that he wanted to leave Madrid,after being accused of tax evasion by Spanish prosecutors.

Former president of Madrid who took him to the Santiago Bernabeu in 2009, Ramon Calderon, also speak about the Ronaldo. He believes there is a chance Ronaldo will return to Man United and it will be difficult for Madrid to prevent it, which he already set his mind with the decision to leave.

"I think it's very difficult (changing the mind of Ronaldo) .I had a similar situation with Manchester United when he wanted to go and I brought him in. He said, 'I want to go' and just like that," said Calderon, reported Goal on Saturday (17/06).

"In the same year I have a problem with Robinho and he wants to go.As a president you can't do anything but to let him go and get the best deal thats possible."

"I hope he doesn't leaving, but if he has made up his mind, it will be difficult to change the situation, only a few clubs can buy it, not because the money but they should be able to offer him the possibility of winning the title and personal success," Calderon said.

Ronaldo didn't have a good relationship with Jose Mourinho, Man United's current manager, but Calderon believes Ronaldo's love for Manchester Red could bring him back to Old Trafford

"The relationship (Ronaldo with Mourinho) in Madrid is not the good ne, but that doesn't mean he didn't want to go back to Manchester where he is very grateful for the things that happened," added Calderon.

"He postponed his departure to Madrid for a year because (Sir) Alex Ferguson is like a father to him, he loves clubs, fans, cities, and I do not get rid of his chances again," he explained.