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Giroud to Arsenal Pledge of Allegiance

LEAPYGUIDE.COM - Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud responded speculatively about his future. He pledged allegiance to Arsenal.

Giroud must share time playing in Arsenal 2016/2017 season. He played 40 times in all competitions, with 16 goals.

Of the total allotment that play, Giroud just 17 times a starter. Therefore, his future at Arsenal became speculation. The 30-year-old's contract leaves the duration until 2019.

French club, Marseille, rumored interest Giroud. However, the striker who has just donated a hat-trick for the French national side gave a rebuttal.

"I do not know the approach of the French club, especially the legend club like Marseille," Giroud told Telefoot.

"My future at Arsenal We continue what we have built over the years."

"Now, we have to be a Premier League champions candidate: that is my goal, our goal," he added.