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Hazard Want to Madrid Scout Him

leapyguide.com-Real Madrid's hobby in collecting world stars is likely to continue. It can be seen from their interest to David De Gea (Manchester United) and Eden Hazard (Chelsea).
In fact, specifically the last name, El Real ready to make it as a successor Cristiano Ronaldo who has been 32 years old. However, it is not easy for them to get him because Hazard is a mainstay player The Blues.
"Of course I will consider (prob leave) if there is an offer from Madrid. I would like to win trophies, It would be great to win the Champions League ,,but Chelsea also has a target to win it, honestly, I do not know what will happen. , Reported Sky Sports, Monday (05/06).

The main priority of the Belgian winger remains focused on playing with Chelsea, but, he didn't want to say there will be no possibility that could happen in the future.

"I just know that I still have a contract with Chelsea for three seasons, and we are just going through a fantastic 2016/17 season. We want to continue and make it the foundation for the Champions League My feelings are very good at Chelsea, but you never know  what will happen, "Hazard explained.

Purchased from Lille 2012/13 season worth 28 million pounds, Hazard has performed 249 times in all competitions. He scored 72 goals and 62 assists for five seasons in the Blues uniform.