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Herrera Do not Want to Stop Make MU Fans Proud

LEAPYGUIDE.COMManchester United achieved great success this season. However, Ander Herrera did not want to stop making the Red Devils fans proud.

MU won three titles in this season. Europa League title, League Cup, and Community Shield marks the success of 'Red Devils'.

Target to win Champions League tickets next season also managed to get MU as a bonus to win the Europa League. Many achievements this season does not necessarily make MU complacency. It is as revealed by Herrera.

"So far this is the best season, but I hope I can have a better season because I do not want to stop, I want to keep playing, keep going better, and keep our fans proud," Herrera told Sky Sports.

"I want to keep adding more things in my game, to my playing style and I will do it," he added.

The closest event to be played by MU is the European Super Cup 2017. The match between Manchester United against Real Madrid will take place at Philip II Arena, Skopje, Macedonia, on 8 August.