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Higuan Might be A Problem for Juventus in the Final

leapyguide.com-Since joining Juventus, Gonzalo Higuain did show a charming performance. Even so, there is one thing that is always a problem.

Higuain always has problems in big games, especially the final of a tournament. Higuain may have lifted four domestic trophies with three with Real Madrid and one with Juventus, but he never scored in the final.

Higuain has played six finals throughout his career. But, the percentage of his victory was only 50-50 in which he won three times and lost three times.
Somehow the performance of Higuain often decreases in the final game. We all know the player had a golden opportunity that failed in the 2014 World Cup final and missed a penalty in the 2015 Copa America final.

This is not expected to be repeated in the final game against Real Madrid. Indeed in the end these bad habits do not have a real red thread.

But, mentally every player is clearly tested and this should be a proof of Higuain that he is quite qualified and can devour the final game like regular matches in general.